Electricity is something everyone uses every day at home, on the job or at school. It’s one of the most useful, yet dangerous things we use daily. It isn’t safe to fly a kite near power line, use a ladder too close to the line that feeds your house, or begin construction or digging in your yard before locating underground utilities. 

Teaching youth and others in the community about safety around power lines is an important mission for Victory Electric.

Cooperatives use engaging electrical safety demonstrations to teach thousands of people every year about the dangers of power lines and how to prevent electrical accidents.

For the high voltage demonstration, Victory Electric linemen use a special trailer they helped build with poles, transformers and power lines to demonstrate how electricity works, how power outages happen and why electrical safety is important. The demonstration also shows what a lineman's day on the job is like.

We can tailor our safety programs to any age or group, and we cover a variety of topics in our presentations for civic and community organizations, schools and businesses. We use videos and a real-life electrical safety display that shows what electricity can do.

On-site safety programs can be customized to your employees and address electrical safety issues specific to your workplace or job site. We can also cover safety tips for contractors, fire/EMS departments, road workers, farm and ranch workers and others.


  • How an electrical arc can happen
  • What causes your lights to blink
  • What an electrical contact can look like
  • What to do if a car accident involves power lines

There is no cost for a presentation. If you are looking for a way to teach your employees, student groups, or others about electrical safety, please fill out our online form below or call our office at 620-227-2139.


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