One of Victory Electric’s most unique and exciting community programs is the CoBank Sharing Success grant program, open to local nonprofit organizations. Aimed at supporting local communities and people, the grant is made possible by Victory Electric’s governing board of trustees, in partnership with CoBank – a national nonprofit cooperative bank owned by the rural American cooperatives it services.

Over the last decade, Victory Electric has awarded $105k in Sharing Success grants to nonprofit organizations in our service area.

“Thanks to the generosity of Victory Electric’s board of trustees and CoBank, the Sharing Success Grant enables us to give back to the communities we serve,” said Shane Laws, CEO of Victory Electric. “We urge all eligible nonprofits to take advantage of Sharing Success and together we can make a meaningful impact in rural Kansas.”

The annual CoBank Sharing Success grant opportunity, capped at $20,000, is made possible by Victory Electric's governing board of trustees, in partnership with CoBank - a national nonprofit cooperative bank owned by the rural American cooperatives it services, including Victory Electric. The matching grant program is designed to celebrate the vital role that cooperatives play in individual communities across the country. CoBank states that partnering with their members to support worthy causes they care about is a great way for them to make a positive difference and fulfill its mission of service to rural America. Victory Electric will choose between 1 and 3 organizations to receive a portion of the $20,000 grant. 

In general, contributions to any 501(c)(3) charity are eligible for matching under the Sharing Success program. Select organizations that are not designated a 501(c)(3) may also be eligible. These organizations include schools and government organizations such as counties or municipalities and their agencies or departments, as long as the grant funding serves a public purpose and is consistent with the purpose and guidelines of the Sharing Success program.

Organizations that are political or religious in nature, and limit their activities or who qualifies for service based on religious or political affiliation, or discriminate for any reason, do not qualify.

Grant funds must be used to benefit a community or communities that receive electric service from Victory Electric. The applicant/organization’s service area should align with or overlap with Victory Electric’s service territory and membership.

If a grant is awarded, the funding must be used within 12 months of its award. A quarterly report on the grant project’s progress and a final report on the project’s outcome must be submitted. Victory Electric reserves the right to use photos and information about the grant award in its publicity.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.