Transferring%20Services%20Graphic_0_0.PNGMoving? No problem. We appreciate you being a member of Victory Electric and are happy to continue providing you with electric service at your new location. The account must be listed in your name to request the transfer of service. Requests for transfer of service to another location are similar to those for new service.  In order to transfer electric service, the member must come into the office and speak with a member service representative. Members are required to complete the transaction in person as a security measure to help protect our members from identity theft. Please bring:

  • Copy of your contract or lease agreement
  • Valid state-issued ID
  • Current phone number and email address
  • If you have a current deposit, it will be transferred to your new home’s account. Although the deposit amount will be re-evaluated based on the new homes two average highest bills.
  • and
  • Fill out an updated New Member Application
  • In addition to the items listed above, members opening a commercial or industrial account also need a federal ID number (EIN) and the name of the primary contact person for the account

Please visit our office at 3230 North 14th Avenue in Dodge City during office hours–Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Service transfers/connections are not performed on weekends or holidays.

Members on the PowerMyWay billing plan who wish to transfer their PowerMyWay plan from one service location to another may do so, however, until a final bill is calculated, a credit balance on a PowerMyWay cannot be transferred to the new standard plan. Members must authorize the cooperative to perform a credit check to determine if a deposit will be required. If the member's previously been on a standard billing plan, 100% of any required deposit must be paid-in-full prior to service being connected. With a sufficient credit score, a member may qualify for a deposit installment plan.