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The Victory Electric Cooperative Association, Inc., serves an area of Southwest Kansas that includes a diverse agricultural, rural and urban territory. Victory serves Ford and Gray Counties and parts of seven other counties, Kiowa, Edwards, Hodgeman, Finney, Haskell, Meade, and Clark. Victory was organized in 1947 to serve primarily farm residential services. 

Through the years, Victory has expanded to a broad consumer base of diversified loads ranging from industrial, commercial and irrigation loads with 2,700 miles of transmission and distribution line. 

Victory is a progressive rural electric cooperative that takes pride in providing good service whether it be to cowboys or to computer programmers, we still have the cooperative spirit. We are on call 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.


Billing Cycles to Change
Members should prepare to have a different payment deadline

Utilities generate bills based on what is called “billing cycles.” Billing cycles are determined by monthly meter reads, which are done by meter readers that walk from house to house, documenting the electrical usage data. Meters are grouped into clumps called routes. These routes are usually determined by location and are important because a meter reader can only collect so many readings in one day; therefore, routes create a feasible collection schedule for meter readers. The collection of routes for a specific period is called a cycle, which determines your billing cycle.

Because of how cycles were created and meters are read, each billing cycle may have a different number of days each time. For example, billing cycles can range from 27 to 35 days in length. This means your bills are not always issued for the same length of time, which can lead to a fluctuation of amounts due for each cycle.

Even with the introduction of automated metering systems, we have retained the billing cycle approach because our systems were built around it. Now that our systems have evolved, we are continually finding ways to make the billing cycle better reflect our capabilities, as well as attempting to reduce the cost of producing the bill each month and reduce line loss. In this effort, we hope to maintain low costs so that you continue to enjoy some of the lowest rates in Kansas.

Currently, we have four billing cycles spread throughout a month, and the plan is to reduce the number of billing cycles in an attempt to keep the reading, billing, and payment due date all within a one month period. Presently, some payment due dates stretch into the month following when the meters were read and billed. Members still have a full 20 days to pay, but the deadline of the payment occurs earlier in the month. We realize this may be an inconvenience for some members, so in an effort to reduce the effect on members, we will be moving the deadlines up on a gradual basis, by a couple days a month. We hope this will allow members time to adjust their budgets. Members can expect their payment due dates to be one to two weeks earlier by the end of the year.

Members who are having difficulty paying their bills can contact our office at 620-227-2139 for a payment arrangement or assistance from social organizations established for this purpose. As a cooperative, we try to be sympathetic when a member is experiencing hard times, but that must be tempered by our responsibility to protect the other members from uncollected expenses.

Electricity is not a right, but a responsibility. You can make sure your lights stay on by working with us, by reducing other expenses, and by using your electricity wisely. Our areas of this website offer a wealth of ideas for ways to conserve energy and save money.