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May Vote for Self-Regulation

Victory Electric Asking Members to Vote “YES” for Self-Regulation

Dear Victory Electric Member,

I would like to take the time to encourage you to vote “yes” in our upcoming vote for self-regulation. Many of our legacy members may remember voting to self-regulate in 2000, and the legacy system has been self-regulated since that time. When Victory formed Mid-Kansas Electric Cooperative (MKEC) and purchased the former Aquila electric properties in 2007, those new MKEC members remained regulated under Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) jurisdiction.

What that means for Victory is that our system is split, with part of our members being self-regulated and the others being regulated under the KCC. The goal behind the vote is to unify the membership and reduce the significant time and staff resources needed to keep separate rate schedules and financial reports.

The vote is being opened to the entire membership, so if the vote passes, the entire membership becomes self-regulated. If the vote fails, the legacy system, which is currently self-regulated, would revert back to being KCC regulated.

Your member-elected board of trustees works hard every day to keep your rates as close to cost as possible and speaking to the dedication of your trustees, the legacy system did not have a rate increase for 19 years between the years of 1992 and 2011. Imagine the price of gas or the price of bread not increasing for 19 years. We feel electricity is still a great value.

The goal behind the vote for self-regulation is not about raising rates, it is about keeping local decisions local, and not in Topeka. You have a great board of trustees who represent you and keep the best interests of all our members at heart when making decisions. They welcome members to contact them with any concerns. We also encourage any member who has a question about self-regulation and the impacts to the cooperative to give us a call, send an email, or stop by the office. My door is always open and we are happy to answer any and all questions. You can also read more about self-regulation in our past newsletters.


Shane Laws
& the Victory Electric Board of Trustees

Shane Laws, CEO ( or 620-227-2139
Pat Morse, Dodge City (
Daryl Tieben, Dodge City (
Randy Quint, Dodge City (
Terri Larson, Dodge City (
Cedric Drewes, Dodge City (
Kenny Wehkamp, Cimarron (
Richard Lightner, Garden City (
Jim Ochs, Jetmore (
Gary Gillespie, Copeland (
Jim Imel, Bucklin (
Ken Schulte, Spearville (
John Leis, Minneola (

All trustees can be reached at 620-371-7741