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View your Electric Use with MyMeter

Victory Electric is excited to announce a new tool designed to help our members learn more about your personal energy use, which will aide in energy conservation and savings on your electric bill. MyMeter is a web-based energy tracking service that provides daily energy use information and tools for greater control over your electric bills.

MyMeter is a free service that can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smart phone to help you monitor how much electricity you’re using each day. It allows you to monitor your power use at your convenience, updates your data every 24 hours so you can adjust your energy consumption according to your lifestyle and budget, and it can project the amount of your monthly bill.

Creating your MyMeter account is easy!

  • With a copy of your electric bill available, go to MyMeter
  • In the upper right corner, click on “Create an Account”
  • Enter your account number, name, email address and choose a password
  • Click on “Create Account,” and you’re ready to go

How it Works

The possibilities with MyMeter are vast and all started with Victory Electric’s installation of all new digital meters and the completion of our Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system in 2014. AMI ended the need for monthly in-person meter readings. Readings are now conducted via radio frequency. Some meters read data every 15 minutes, offering a detailed glimpse of power use.

“MyMeter is one of the most important aspects of our new AMI system,” Konecny said. “We now have the data to begin educating our members on their consumption patterns. That is the first step toward conserving energy.”

Konecny explains how MyMeter can help you manage your energy use, even when you are not home. For example, you can set up your preferred notification method, email or text. Then set up a high or low use threshold to alert you when a predetermined kWh value for a day, week or month is reached.

The MyMeter portal is very simple to use and contains three main parts: charts, data and property.

  1. Charts – MyMeter charts allow you to visualize your energy use. Three different chart types are available, but regardless of the chart, you can instantly zoom to specific preset time periods. You can turn on temperature to see how weather impacts your energy use. Comparisons, such as a comparable properties, show on another line.
  2. Data – Provides a tabular data display with a color-coded heat map of energy use patterns. There is a drop down to toggle between summary data (e.g., daily, monthly). This data can be easily exported to a file and is useful for a detailed look at your energy use.
  3. Property – Allows you to review and enter information about your home or business and provide information that makes comparisons to similar properties. You give your property a name, select the type of structure, and provide other pertinent information about the home or business. This detailed information helps you get accurate comparisons of energy use to similar structures. The more detail you provide, the more accurate the comparisons will be.

These three areas of MyMeter will allow you to delve deeper into your energy use patterns to make decisions about your energy consumption.

  1. Energy Markers – MyMeter allows you to note events that can impact energy consumption. We call them Energy Markers, and they can be added and be visible on both the Charts and Data pages. Simply select what event type you are adding (e.g., vacation, energy upgrade, etc.), pick a date and add a description. This helps you to see how life events, changes in routine, or new appliances can create patterns in electric use. Using the pattern information can help you identify specific times to make behavioral changes that reduce your energy use. Energy markers can also help identify needed appliance replacements or renovations.
  2. Notifications and Communications Options – This option alerts you when your energy use should be a concern. You can choose how you want to be contacted and what information is sent, including emails or text notifications when use exceeds custom limits set by you.
  3. Energy Challenge – If you need motivation to stay involved in monitoring and conserving energy, personalized “Energy Challenges” might be the right path for you. MyMeter allows you to set energy saving goals and track your progress toward that goal. The challenges can compare your habits and consumption with the consumption of your neighbors and peers. You are able to monitor progress of your goal, make adjustments as needed, and see the results of your commitment and action.

MyMeter is full of energy efficiency bells and whistles. Armed with knowledge, you can take your household energy efficiency into your own hands and reduce your electric bill.

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