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Rules and Regulations, Bylaws & Tariffs

Victory Electric Cooperative operates under certain rules referred to as bylaws. Bylaws are defined as the rules for governing an organization, such as an electric cooperative, approved by the membership. You can download a copy of Victory Electric’s bylaws. (Bylaws updated 4-2019)

Electricity rates are determined by tariffs. A tariff is defined as a statement of a utilities rates, terms, and conditions of service. You can download a copy of Victory Electric’s tariffs. (Tariffs updated 4-2017)

The Rules and Regulations of service for Victory Electric are part of the electric service agreement between the cooperative and the member and govern the supply and use of electric service. The service Rules & Regulations are intended to establish fair and equitable policies and procedures to enable the cooperative to provide safe, efficient and uniform service to all members. They also ensure Victory Electric’s members the greatest satisfaction with electric service possible, consistent with sound utility practices and safety. (Rules and Regulations)

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