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Medical Necessity

For some electric cooperative members, service is more than a convenience; it is a necessity.  The Victory Electric Cooperative, Inc., realizes that some homes are equipped with life-sustaining medical equipment that requires a reliable source of power. Our commitment to you is to provide electric service safely and with as few interruptions as possible. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee uninterrupted power 100% of the time.  Each year, events - some beyond our control - occur and cause power outages.

If your health or well-being depends on electric supply, please contact us at Victory Electric and we will do our best, in the event of an outage, to get power back to your home in a timely fashion.

Have your physician write us a note explaining the situation. Upon receipt of this documentation, we can make a note of the medical need on the account. This way, our representatives will be aware of the condition in the event of an outage or if the account is scheduled for disconnection. The presence of critical medical devices does not exempt service from termination due to non-payment of bill. Anticipated payment delays should be addressed through the cooperative’s office.

In addition to letting us know, we also offer these additional suggestions for your safety and strongly encourage you to implement them:

  • Obtain a back-up source of power recommended by the manufacturer of any life sustaining or critical care equipment you may have in your home. For example, battery back-ups or standby generators can provide you with electric power if service from the cooperative is interrupted. Call the office at 620.227.2139 if you have questions or need assistance with this.
  • Talk with relatives or friends today and devise a plan whereby the individual who relies on this equipment will have somewhere to stay in the event of a major power outage, or even for just a few hours.

Notifying the cooperative of your situation does not guarantee uninterrupted electric service, nor does it guarantee immediate attention to your individual service should the area experience a power outage. It does alert us to the situation. Letting us know your specific needs allows Victory Electric personnel to better serve you. This is just another way Victory Electric is looking out for you.

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