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Fifth-Graders Visit Victory Electric

Cimarron Elementary students visited Victory Electric as part of the school’s Career Camp.

Career Camp helps teach fifth-grade students about different types of jobs. “Victory Electric was chosen because students had an interest in the electrical department from our ‘Day on the Farm’ activity where Victory Electric showed the importance of line safety,” said Ellen Henry, a fifth-grade teacher.

“We hope to spark interest to help students not only succeed in school but also to help them succeed in life and have passion and drive to always be a better person,” Henry said.

The teachers helped expose students to nearly 40 careers based on the students’ interests in Cimarron and the neighboring communities.

Students toured the office and met with the employees of member services, communications, accounting, information technology and engineering.

“Teaching kids about cooperatives and how we operate is just as important as safety,” said Mikey Goddard, vice president of safety. “As a community partner, knowing there are career options at the local cooperative hopefully increases students’ interest.”

Victory Electric was glad to host the Cimarron Elementary fifth-graders. The safety demonstration is available year-round to any group or organization that may be interested. For more information or to schedule a safety demonstration, call Mikey Goddard at 620-227-2139 during regular business hours

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