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An electric cooperative is a business, much like any other, but in several important ways, it is unique. You won't find a cleaner, safer or more reliable way to heat and cool your home than with electricity from your member-owned electric cooperative. Victory Electric Cooperative has several programs designed to help you reduce your energy costs by utilizing off-peak electricity. As a member, one of the greatest resources available to you is the accessibility of our employees who will provide personal, reliable information and services to you.

Who owns Victory Electric Cooperative?
Victory Electric is a distribution cooperative. It is owned by members within its service territory who purchase electric power from Victory Electric.

What areas are included in Victory Electric’s service territory?System Map
Victory Electric serves residents and businesses located in all or parts of Ford, Gray, Hodgeman, Finney, Clark, Haskell, Edwards, Kiowa and Meade counties.

How do I become a member?
If you are building a new home or business on Victory Electric lines, or moving to an address that is currently served by Victory Electric, you become a member by providing a lease agreement/contract proving residency, presenting a state-issued ID, paying an $8 connection fee, and possibly a deposit, depending on your credit.

How is a cooperative different from other utilities?
Victory Electric is a not-for-profit, member-owned and member-driven cooperative. Policies are set by an elected, twelve-member board of trustees, representing the ten districts within Victory Electric's service territory (three trustees represent Dodge City, the largest district). Each trustee is also a member of the cooperative. The board establishes policies and procedures for the cooperative that are followed by management and employees.

Customer ServiceHow do I contact Victory Electric Cooperative?
Victory Electric's address, phone numbers, fax number are listed on the “Contact Us” page.  Trustee and staff listings can be found in the "Board of Trustees and Staff" section of the website.

What are the benefits of being a member of Victory Electric?
As a member, you:

  • Have a voice in the operations of the cooperative through the representative you elect to the board of trustees.
  • Share in the success of the cooperative through capital credits, which are, basically, rebates returned to members based on the amount of electricity you purchased from the cooperative in a given year.
  • Enjoy reliable electric service, delivered at as low a cost as possible.
  • Below are two videos to help explain cooperatives, who we are, and how our business model differs from other utilities.





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