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Cold Weather Rule

Payment Guidelines

This Cold Weather Rule Payment Arrangement is only available from Nov 15 to March 15.

From Nov 15 to Mar 15, members are able to make a Cold Weather Rule payment arrangement. 

Each time a member comes in to establish a Cold Weather Rule payment arrangement, the member will be required to pay 1/6 of total amount owed for the initial setup of the Cold Weather Rule payment arrangement.

The Cold Weather Rule payment arrangement has a maximum 11 months, with the 1/6 being the first payment installment, the remainder balance due is divided into the remainder of the installment months available. The installment months to pay off the arrearage decrease as the Cold Weather period progresses. The last payment installment for the Cold Weather Rule Payment Plan will be no later than the October’s bill due date if established on or before November 15th.

Any arrearage balance that is not set up on pay arrangements or paid-in-full on or before March 15th, on the following business day the past due balance will be required to be paid in full and in the event the account has been disconnected for non-payment, all past due balances will be required to be paid in full along with the reconnection fee prior to having power restored.

Payment arrangement installments are due on the current bill due date each month, paying current bill late along with the pay arrangement with constitute a broken pay arrangement. In the event of a broken arrangement, the account will then be subject for disconnection when the temperature is forecasted to be 35 degrees or above, within 24 hours following the time of disconnection.  Victory Electric reserves the right to disconnect between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday when the temperature is at or above 35 degrees.

Checks written to establish a Cold Weather Rule pay arrangement and returned to Victory Electric for non-sufficient funds will be considered a default on the pay arrangements.  The check will be required to be taken care of to avoid possible disconnection of service.

Two or more broken payment arrangements will initiate a deposit or a modification of a deposit.

Please be mindful that Victory Electric is very strict with implementing the guidelines of the Cold Weather Rule pay arrangements.  Please make every effort to follow the guidelines to avoid a broken Cold Weather Rule payment arrangement and avoid possible disconnection.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 620-227-2139 or 1-800-279-7915.

Cold Weather Rule

Cooperative members who are unable to pay their electric service bills during the cold weather period may qualify for this program, provided they fulfill certain good faith requirements when attempting to pay. The cold weather rule applies for November 15 through March 15.

The requirements members must meet to qualify for the program are summarized below.

  • Members must notify the cooperative and state their inability to pay their service bill in full.
  • Members must apply to federal, state, local or other financial assistance programs for which they may be eligible to receive aid in paying utility bills.
  • State agencies and Dodge City area charities that help residents with their utility bills are:   
    1. State of Kansas SRS, Red Cross, Salvation Army, First Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, Catholic Church, and Genesis Family Health.
    2. They're also included on a flier here. 
  • Members and the cooperative will reach a mutually agreeable payment arrangement.

Please note that failure to follow the above requirements, illegally diverting utility service, receiving service by tampering, or defaulting on a payment agreement, will disqualify the member from receiving the benefits under the Cold Weather Rule.

In no event will the co-op disconnect a service if the temperature is forecasted by the local National Weather Service to fall below 35 degrees F, within 24-hours following the time of disconnection.

Victory Electric reserves the right to disconnect between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday when the temperature is at or above 35 degrees F.

The Cold Weather Rule is to ensure human health and safety are not unreasonably endangered during the cold weather months.




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