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Board of Trustees and Management Team

Victory Electric is a locally owned and operated business, and the board of trustees is elected by the membership. Like you, they are cooperative members but with a special perspective.

Your board comprises members living throughout the Victory Electric service area, and they are local citizens with the best interests of members, the community and the cooperative always in mind. The cooperative territory is divided into districts, all of which are represented by a trustee. Trustees are elected at the annual meeting for three-year terms of office.

The business and affairs of the cooperative are directed by the board of trustees, which exercises the powers of the cooperative. The primary functions of an electric cooperative board are planning and policy oversight, establishing the long-term objectives of the cooperative, and providing resources to meet those objectives. The board works closely with the CEO and senior staff to review progress, ensure accountability, make strategic decisions, and stay current on an increasingly complex business.

John Leis Pat Morse
John Leis Pat Morse Daryl Tieben
Minneola Dodge City Dodge City
President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer


Cedric Drewes Gary Gillespie Jim Imel
Cedric Drewes Gary Gillespie Jim Imel
Dodge City Copeland Bucklin
Terri Larson   James Ochs
Terri Larson   James Ochs
Dodge City   Jetmore
Randy Quint Ken Schulte Daryl Tieben
Randy Quint Ken Schulte Kenny Wehkamp
Dodge City Spearville Cimarron





Management Team

Delivering excellent service to our members by providing safe and reliable energy solutions solidifies our purpose—our reason for existing.

Your Victory Electric management team helps fulfill this mission by holding themselves and their colleagues to the highest standards. These leaders practice Victory Electric’s core values and strive to create a collaborative, solutions-driven environment that transforms our services.

We’re not just your energy provider—we’re your neighbors who care about you and your communities. Leading in this manner gives Victory Electric the best chance to aspire to and achieve our vision of being a respected leader dedicated to implementing innovative ideas that fulfill the needs of those we serve.


Shane Laws Denzil McGill Ryan Miller
Chief Executive Officer Vice President of
Information Technology
Vice President
of Operations
Angela Unruh Amy Grasser Jerri Imgarten
Angela Unruh Amy Grasser Jerri Whitley
Chief Financial Officer Vice President of
Corporate Services
Vice President
of Communications
Mikey Goddard Rob Henry  
Vice President
of Safety
Vice President
of Engineering
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