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Bill Payment Options

All members (except those on PowerMyWay) receive a standard monthly bill each month for electrical use. Bills are due and payable upon receipt. We realize one method of payment does not fit every Victory Electric member’s need. Therefore, Victory Electric offers several payment options for your convenience.

  1. Mail – Victory Electric’s monthly bill comes complete with a return envelope you can insert your check and mail back to us at P.O. Box 1335 or P.O. Box 1398, Dodge City, KS 67801. **Please note ALL mail goes to Wichita to be sorted (including Dodge City mail), so please allow for additional time if using USPS. Payment must be received in our office on or prior to due date. We DO NOT use the mailing post date for the payment date.
  2. Victory’s office location – You may pay by check, cash, or credit/debit card at our office at 3230 N. 14th Avenue in Dodge City. Our lobby is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for select holidays (New Year’s, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and two days at both Thanksgiving and Christmas).
  3. Drop boxes – We have two conveniently located drop boxes. The first drop box is at Victory Electric headquarters on the south side of the building near the front door. Payments dropped off after 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday will be posted the next business day. Please pay inside to avoid broken pay arrangements or disconnection. The second drop box is located in downtown Dodge City by the City of Dodge City building at 806 N. 2nd Avenue. Payments dropped off after 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday will be posted the next business day. Please pay at 3230 N. 14th to avoid broken pay arrangements or disconnection. Pictured is the drop box at Victory Electric headquarters and the drop box at the city of Dodge City.
    ***Victory Electric is not liable for lost or stolen payments. While we have video surveillance to keep payments safe, Victory Electric suggests either delivering payments to the lobby drop box during regular business hours or pay online through SmartHub (set up online payments in four easy steps).
  4. Phone – Members can call 866-999-8494 and pay over the phone with a credit/debit card or check. We recommend members use your account number when calling to ensure accuracy. Also, be prepared to create a 4-digit PIN number. For security reasons and to comply with federal Red Flag Rules, Victory Electric employees cannot take your credit/debit card or check information over the phone via our local phone number; you must call 866-999-8494 to pay by phone. This service is available 24-hours a day, weekdays, weekends and holidays. This is a FREE service with NO fees.
  5. Online bill pay – Click the online bill pay button on the top of the page to pay your bill on SmartHub (or go directly to This online bill pay service is available 24-hours a day, weekdays, weekends and holidays. Members can also download the SmartHub mobile app from the Apple or Android marketplace on any mobile device. Simply search for the “SmartHub” app by National Information Solutions Cooperative. This is a FREE service with NO fees. For instructions on how to create a SmartHub account, please review these instructions.
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  6. PowerMyWay - PowerMyWay is a self-managed pay-as-you-go billing plan with no deposits, no late fees, no disconnect or reconnect charges. Pay $50 dollars toward future electricity and after that, you can pay as much or as little as you want on an as-needed basis. So you can pick your bill due date! Every day your balance will adjust based on how much electricity you used the previous day and when you have less than $25 left in your account, you will receive a text message, email or phone call reminding you that you are low and need to think about making a payment. Since you no longer get a paper bill, your account information is available 24/7 on our online bill payment site or mobile app so it is three easy clicks to access your balance information or make a payment. Visit our PowerMyWay page for more information.
  7. Group Invoice Billing - Do you have multiple Victory Electric accounts and are tired of opening envelopes for all those accounts every month? We have a great option for you. You can sign up for group invoice billing and receive one combined, single page statement for ease in submitting your payment or ease of viewing or comparing multiple electric accounts. With group invoice billing, just because you receive one envelope and one statement, does not mean you lose access to each meter/account’s detailed information. All of the individual electric statements will still be included in the monthly billing, but a summary statement will also accompany the individual statements. The summary statement will list each electric account number, the corresponding amount due for each account, and a combined total of the individual bills at the bottom on the payment slip. To remit payment on all of the included accounts, simply include the account summary payment slip and your payment. If you think group invoice billing is an option for you, call or sign up at our office.
  8. AutoPay – An automatic bill payment method where your electric bill is automatically paid directly from your credit/debit card or checking/savings account. Members will continue to receive a monthly bill or choose to go paperless. Members can sign up for AutoPay on SmartHub, our online bill pay system, or at our office on North 14th Avenue in Dodge City. This is a FREE service with NO fees. Visit our AutoPay page for more detailed information.
    • Direct pay from your bank account – your monthly electric bill is automatically transferred to Victory Electric directly from your bank account on the bill’s due date. This is automatic each month and requires no action from the member.
    • Direct pay from your credit or debit card - your monthly electric bill is automatically paid from your debit or credit card on the bill’s due date. This is automatic each month and requires no action from the member.
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  1. Budget Billing - Victory Electric also has budget billing (also referred to as even-pay) for those members who prefer to pay the same amount each month. Payments are set at your 12-month average, making it easy to budget. An accurate 12-month history of your electric use at your current residence is helpful in determining what your true monthly average will be. This monthly average and billing amount is updated each year based on the previous year’s average electricity use. You will still receive a monthly bill indicating the monthly payment amount and you can use any of the above payment methods (except PowerMyWay). If you are interested, please call or stop by Victory Electric’s office to see if you qualify for budget billing.

*We do not accept starter/counter checks for bill payment.


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